Agricultural Chains

Agricultural chains have a robust application in the complex machinery used in modern farm operations. Whether you intend to harvest crops, process or finish, these machines find useful applications by increasing the size of the job and saving time.

Ever-power, an experienced agricultural chain manufacturer and supplier in China, offers many kinds of agricultural chain products including a wide range of combine chains. Our experience in agricultural chain production comes from being an OEM supplier. Accordingly, as a drive chain factory, we have accumulated in-depth knowledge of agricultural chains in all areas: development, manufacturing and application. We design our agricultural chains to meet precise operational requirements according to operating conditions. You can expect the best material and optimum heat treatment method.

Agricultural Chain Types

Agricultural chains are used in the processing and harvesting of crops. Agricultural chains can be made from a variety of materials, including 30GeMnTi, stainless steel and 40Mn. In addition to durability, impact and abrasion resistance are important requirements for agricultural chains.

There are several types of agricultural chains.

Type A chains are widely used in agriculture. These chains are made of high quality steel and are equipped with heat-treated rollers. They are also designed for low clearance applications. They are also available with various attachments. They are mainly used for feed truck lifts, round balers and live bottom trailers.
CA type chains are used for power transmission and attachments. They are rust resistant. They are primarily used for long wheelbases. They also have heat-treated rivets. They are made of various materials including steel and are also available with special surface coatings.
Type A chains are available in a variety of designs and are very durable. They are also less expensive than CA type chains. They usually come with two set screws for easy installation. They are also available in a variety of pitches and diameters. These agricultural chains are designed to meet ISO 487 international standards.

Agricultural Chain

Agricultural Chain Application

Agricultural chains are utilized to improve the scale and effectiveness of farm operations. They are made to work in harsh conditions and have long-lasting track records. They are also equipped with an array of attachments that enhance their durability and capacity.

  • Combine Harvesters

These are large, complex machines that can harvest large quantities of crops. “Combine harvesters” use chains, such as the CA series roller chains with attachments, to harvest common crops such as corn.

  • Balers

Balers are used for baling and harvesting forage. Crops such as cotton, hay, flax and straw are compressed into compact bales for transport and storage. These balers use heavy-duty roller chains to carry the increased load.

  • Hay Bale Conveyors

These are used to transport bales to higher rooms in the barn for storage. On average, a bale can weigh up to 140 pounds. Moving this weight is accomplished by using a conveyor belt.

  • Manure spreaders

For centuries, manure has been used to improve soil. However, the recent increase in the size of farm operations has led to the use of a more sophisticated machine, the manure spreader. Traditional manure spreaders are large trailers that use an efficient chain-driven system with paddles to spread the manure onto the field.

  • Grain conveyor systems

Grain conveyor systems offer different methods of transporting grain. One common method is a chain-driven conveyor system.

Agricultural Chain Application Agricultural Chain Application Agricultural Chain Application
Agricultural Chain Application Agricultural Chain Application Agricultural Chain Application

Why Choose Ever-power Agricultural Chains?

Agricultural Chain ManufacturerOur agricultural chains are available to fit every possible need, with a wide variety of sizes and specs.
We know you desire dependable and quality agricultural chains versus chains that stretch out and could cause downtime, and strive to ensure that our customers always know our precision chains will work — guaranteed.
While no agricultural operation can expect to go without some downtime, our goal is to reduce the lost time as much as possible by providing the parts that farmers need to keep all of their equipment in top shape.
Routine wear and tear is expected and can be planned for, but we seek to reduce the possibility of unexpected downtime because of not having the correct chain available.

We have many kinds of agricultural chain products including the applicable standards from the occident grain combine harvester series、corn harvester to Japanese series medium & small type rice harvester and its special agricultural chains.

We can also offer the specific chain solutions on customer request. With the experience of long time agricultural chain production and being an OEM supplier, we have accumulated rich experiences of agricultural chain development、manufacture and site management.
Our agricultural chain products can meet different operational requirements in various conditions by different material selection and heat treatment methods. We can offer quality agricultural chain products.

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