PTO Shaft Tractor Supply China Manufacturer


PTO Shaft Description

PTO Shaft Tractor Supply China Manufacturer

Purpose: it is used for agricultural tractor products. The transmission shaft of the tractor's main engine to output power to the farm implements mainly bears torque. To protect the tractor supply PTO and farm implements, this part belongs to the relatively weak building parts, and vulnerable parts, and the strength requirements should not be too high or too low;

Features: it belongs to a kind of transmission shaft part. The two ends of the shaft are connected with the tractor and agricultural tools, respectively. It has the characteristics of quick exchange and quick connection. It has high requirements on the mating spline and outer diameter, upper and lower limits of strength, and high requirements on materials and heat treatment;

PTO Shaft Tractor Supply China Manufacturer
Process requirements: the blanks are generally processed from steel bars or forgings, and the main processes include: quenching and tempering – turning – spline rolling – induction hardening – grinding, and other processes; The leading processing equipment includes a CNC lathe, CNC cylindrical grinder, quenching equipment and hobbing machine.

Essential inspection items: spline, surface roughness, appearance, coaxial, cylindricity, etc.; Key testing equipment: unique spline tester, large and medium-sized precision CMM;

Precision Forged Drive PTO Shaft and Carbon Steel PTO Drive Shaft


  1.  The precision forging process reduces the deformation of parts during heat treatment, improves wear resistance and stability, and increases the service life of the carbon steel transmission shaft.
  2. The structure of transmission shaft components is improved, and the mechanical properties and bending fatigue life are improved. Its mechanical properties, such as plasticity and toughness, are higher than those of carbon steel parts.
  3. The production efficiency and material utilization rate are improved. The precision of the six types of precision forgings used for the precision forged steel transmission shaft meets the tolerance standard, the shape and position accuracy are high, and the productivity and utilization rate is high.
  4. The surface of the precision forged steel transmission shaft is smoother and more beautiful.

PTO Shaft Tractor Supply China Manufacturer

The precision forged steel PTO shaft can be used not only in agricultural machinery and agricultural equipment but also in commercial vehicles, special vehicles, modified vehicles, engineering machinery equipment, etc. The advantages of a precision forged steel transmission shaft are apparent. For this reason, industrially developed countries attach great importance to the production of automobile forgings and mark the development level of their technology with the production technology of automobile forgings.

PTO Shaft Tractor Supply

PTO Shaft manufacturer

PTO Shaft Tractor Supply China Manufacturer
Ever-power group is a professional enterprise of truck engine parts, air brake series, transmission shaft, power takeoff, and shift cylinder. It applies to manufacturing and modifying oil tank trucks, dump trucks, sprinkler trucks, and cement mixer trucks. Undertake the design, manufacture, and batch supply of various machining and particular vehicle parts.
The company has complete production equipment and a solid technical force. It is a supporting and cooperative unit such as China Heavy Truck Group Corporation, CIMC Group Corporation, and larger companies. Founded in 1991, the company passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification in 2000 and the ISO / TS16949 international quality system certification in 2009. The company has rich production experience. Its products have the highest level in the industry, excellent quality, and reasonable price, and enjoy the “qualified supplier” certificate issued by China National Heavy Duty Truck Group.
In marketing, the products sell well all over the country, and the high-quality products win the trust and praise of users. The industrial 1st Road (heavy truck casting center) is opposite. It is 600 meters away from national highway 309 and 500 meters away from Zhangqiu government center. The environment is elegant, and the transportation is convenient.

R & D strength

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The company is mainly engaged in the supply of original parts, technical support, and innovative cooperative parts for various automobile factories. It has 120 employees in the factory, 20 undergraduates, five graduate technical employees, and one doctoral student. It employs the doctoral supervisor of management of Tianjin University as the honorary director of the factory. The director of the Power Research Institute of Tianjin University is the scientific research leader. Now the company is vigorously developing business and welcomes all companies in the country to cooperate and negotiate.

Company Philosophy

In the face of more fierce competition, we should develop our brand strategy and start the enterprise culture of quality, service, and innovation to challenge ourselves, challenge tomorrow and meet every opportunity and challenge. Ever-power is willing to sincerely cooperate with colleagues in the industry to create brilliance and wealth together.
The company solemnly promises quality assurance and the best price. Since its establishment, the company has focused on meeting customers' needs. Customers are the inexhaustible and inexhaustible source of benefits for the company. The powerful weapon to firmly grasp new and old customers is continuously providing products that customers think are worth more and meet their changing needs. Therefore, the company must take “value for money, customer first” as the working philosophy and quality policy and constantly improve the company's management. Integrity and keeping promises are the company's most important operating principles based on the market.

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